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Maison Pioline dresses babies 

Maison Pioline is also​ ...

... the universe of babies, we want them to feel good but also to be able to have pretty accessories every day.

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It is also​ pretty clothes in the air du temps, comfortable to wear, and so cute! We wanted to combine the beautiful, the useful and the pleasant in adorable pieces.


Our little extra, which will be ideal for a gift or a crush, is the personalization side that we offer. A sweet little word, a nice nickname or the simplicity of a first name, will make the garment a unique piece. You can embroider by letting your imagination speak.


Our embroidery is French, of high quality but also very cute with italic writing, designed in a typical Parisian workshop.

Maison Pioline is also​   a fragrant and carefully prepared package with taste. A beautiful  signed cotton pouch, pretty stickers and above all our essential postcard.

This is definitely the cutest gift to give....

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